We appreciate that for many, building or renovating a home is a huge financial, lifestyle and lifetime commitment. A well-designed and built project will add value to your investment but it is also important not to over capitalise.
The stages we follow allow the creative potential of your project to be realised whilst you remain in control of decisions and finances.

Your project will inevitably have an impact on the streetscape your neighbour’s amenity. BJA have over 35 years experience in dealing with local council planning controls and finding an acceptable balance between opportunity and impact. We also have a great team of consultants and builders to draw upon.

To ensure the best end product, we recommend using all stages of our services although partial involvement is an option.

Pre Design
Before starting your design we need to gain an understanding of your wishes, needs, tastes and budget. You may have put this down in words or collected pictures and after further discussion and questioning, we document this in what is called the Brief.  A site visit will allow us to identify site-specific constraints and opportunities. A Fee agreement is also mapped out at this stage.

Sketch Design
This phase involves further discussions, site analysis, checking planning controls. A survey of the site and neighbouring buildings is commissioned and any existing buildings are measured up and drawn.  A preliminary plan is then created to facilitate client dialogue regarding room layouts, uses and relationships. A budget check can also be done.

Design Development/3D Modelling
During the design development stage we develop plans, sections and elevations and a 3-dimensional model. Structural systems, materials, site services and external landscape spaces are indicated to support the design intent. Scaled furniture allows you to see how the rooms will work, and what changes may be needed.

Development Application Approvals
Increasingly development applications require greater resolution of the design and supporting reports and documentation. It is important to get this right first up and to this end our experience of over 35 years in dealing with councils and sensitive urban sites is invaluable. BJA will draw upon their team of consultants to support your application and provide full co-ordination, submission and tracking of the application.

Construction Documentation
The DA drawings are developed into construction plans and detailed sections, elevations, construction details and other consultants work is integrated. The design intent is articulated and made buildable. It includes production of a written specification that references standards of construction and codes, and includes schedules of fixtures, finishes, doors and windows. This documentation is also submitted for Construction Certificate approval either from council or a private certifier.

Interior Design
Whilst many clients like to personalise their home by selecting internal colours, finishes and fixtures, BJA can provide assistance or a full interior design package. This may include further kitchen and joinery details, bathrooms and product selection.

Competitive tendering is made possible now that the building works are documented in detail and provides the client with a degree of up front certainty as to the project cost. BJA will assist in preparing a list of preferred builders. Tender documents are issued, tenders assessed and once a builder has been chosen, contract documents are prepared and signed by both the client and the builder.

Contract Administration
BJA’s task at this stage is to ensure the works are built to a high standard and as described in the plans and to resolve construction details. We also assess builders’ claims for any variations and for payment once work is done. Contractually we are required to act impartially.