Architecture Practice

Our architectural design approach is founded on empathy with our clients, seeking to identify their unique needs and finding creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions at each stage of provision.

Mark Baxter in Sydney and David Jacobson in Byron Bay have been Directors of Baxter Jacobson Architects for over 30 years.

We are inspired by the potential inherent to Place and the capacity of Architecture to create meaning, a sense of belonging and wellbeing.

Our capable team work collaboratively on a diverse range of architectural project types for private individuals, companies, government and schools across Australia and overseas.

Our architectural design approach is founded on empathy with our clients, seeking to identify their unique needs and finding creative, innovative & cost-effective solutions at each stage of provision.

“We have a deep appreciation of sustainable architectural design to reduce environmental impact and support living eco-systems.
We believe that the language of form, colour and materiality affects and nurtures our inner life.”¬†

Our valuable experience in local government and community activism has taught tenacity & solution-based thinking whilst our hands-on visual arts practice lends balance and beauty.

Our energetic team of six brings diversity – age, culture, gender & architectural language and skills.

Our process is to work through creative sketch design ideas at our round table then develop these via 3D computer modelling to test concepts and resolve spatial form, complex geometries and details. The models visually communicate the potential building to our clients and invite discussion and evolution.


(B. Architecture hons. Syd Uni) Mark is an accomplished architect of 35 years experience in a diverse range of building types. As a partner of BJA he is experienced in seeing an architectural design project through all stages from design to construction. He understands the value of community consultation through being an active participant in community groups and council sub-committees in his local community. His passion is to identify opportunities to value add to a project by softening the boundaries between the utilitarian and artistic, between building and landscape. He gives workshops and lectures in sculpture and organic architecture and maintains an interest in contemporary architectural design developments.


(B. Architecture hons. Syd Uni) David brings over 30 years of experience of delivering architectural and planning projects to fruition. David is a founding partner of BJA and has been responsible for designing a wide range of building types including schools, residential, community buildings and multi unit projects. Building some of his designs and teaching design at Sydney University has given David an appreciation and understanding of the conceptual framework of architectural design as well as the practicality required by the construction industry. Interest in the architectural and urban design issues in the Manly Municipality led to David serving as a Councillor on Manly Council when the town centre and beachfront development and planning controls were at a critical stage. During this time and in the years afterwards, he chaired and served on the Landscape Management Committee and the Town Centre Working Party, which over the years has seen the revitalisation of the Town Centre and beachfront.


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