Sustainable Design

Sustainable design principals are an intrinsic part of our design solutions. Whilst many aspects such as insulation and energy consumption have become a mandatory part of building codes most of our projects implement a broader range of ESD strategies.

These include building orientation, thermal mass, natural and enhanced mechanical ventilation, night flushing to cool buildings, low energy use, embodied energy reduction, ecological water and waste water management, water retention through storage and landscape design.

We were commissioned to design ten cluster homes for the exciting Narara Eco-village project and acheived BASIX ratings between 6.1 and 7.6 stars.

On number of the recent school BER projects ESD consultants were commissioned to advise and design systems, such as the use of heat pumps to reticulate hot water in slabs.

The Goroncy residence on the other hand verges on being self sufficient using off the shelf systems and good design practice. It incorporates solar cells to generate power, rainwater collection and storage, on site sewage treatment, solar panels backed up by a fuel stove for in slab reticulated water heating, micro climate moderation using water cascades, all within the context of a healthy bio-dynamic farm!

Where possible our school projects use non toxic paints, fully ventilated heating systems, natural light and ventilation. The increasing incidence of allergies for example has seen a growth in the availability and usage of non- toxic paints and building boards. Healthy environments create healthy lifestyles.

ESD measures have an ethical dimension in that they reduce the impact of our footprint on the planet and create generational equity.